March 14, 2009

Can You Believe It?!

I know! I'm actually posting.
It's a cool, cloudy Saturday afternoon in Austin and I am warm and cozy on the couch with puppies, computer and coffee. Would you believe that I'm hosting out of town guests this weekend?
Well I am.
They are visiting some of their friends here in Austin and Daniel and I are having a lovely Saturday afternoon. Very busy.
I made the beds, washed the dishes, swept the porch, put out the fajita meat to thaw, cleaned the window on our front door (it had some funky adhesive on it? ew.), flipped through my Betty Crocker cook book, did not feel inspired, read some of my favorite blogs, and decided to post. Finally.
This weekend has been very exciting for me--our visiting friends are officially my first out-of-town guests, and I think I'm in love...with hosting. I heart being the hostess.
Thursday night Daniel was out of town and I spent the entire night cleaning and listening to very, very loud music. I personally like to call that cleaning "mom-style."
It was such a cleansing experience. Literally and figuratively. How can scrubbing toilets and washing sheets be so relaxing? I loved it.
Right now I should probably start thinking about dinner. We are hosting a little dinner party for our guests. We decided on fajitas--that's a pretty easy meal for larger groups. And you can tell those people with the can't-show-up-to-anything-empty-handed complex to "bring some lettuce" or "how about and avocado or two--Large Hass Avocado, please" or "lots of tequila." Also, little kids like to eat fajitas I think.
As a back-up, however, I do have some Dino-shaped Chicken Nuggets.

Unfortunately, I must cut this post a little short! Our guests have just returned from their afternoon outing.


  1. Karen! You're telling on me. Nice to have you back on your blog. I love it.

  2. i personaly think michael buble is perfect for cleaning... i always tick him on when vaccuming :)