March 16, 2009

Meditations and Musings

After a title like that I bet you were expecting something intelligent.

Well I'm sorry to disappoint you, we don't do that here.

Although my husband is playing "Stop This Train" in the background (coincidentally enough, there's a train whistling in the distance), and I've been watching Judi Dench on TV and that always makes me feel pensive.

And I got glasses this week. Like Tina Fey. It makes me think I could be funny some day. Or smart.

Well our guests have gone, and the house is empty and quiet again. It leaves me feeling somewhat forlorn. And the house, because of my deep-rooted lack of decorating skills is very empty (of decorative 'objects') and therefore echo-y(?), which can really make you feel alone sometimes.
Maybe I should invest in a couple more rugs.
But I do like the simplicity for the most part. I might like to have a few things hung on the wall here and there, but overall the lack of "stuff" lying around can be nice. It leaves fewer things to tidy up.

Soon we'll be preparing for another set of guests. The same amount of people, only larger in size--no offense. None of them will be sleeping in a pack-n'-play. In May my family will be visiting and I'll be taking a couple of days off to enjoy their visit with them. I'm so excited!
Daniel and I are already contemplating a few fun activities to remind them of how awesome A-town is.

Speaking of awesome A-town, the time has come for South by Southwest. The Pioneer Woman herself is here in Austin for the "bloggie awards" and I am contemplating ways to attend. I have no idea where it's happening or when...for all I know it may have already happened. But it would be cool to meet her in person!
I also would like to go see a SxSW film premier. I've always wanted to attend a movie premiere (premier? what is right?). I'll put that on my list of things I want to do before I die but never will because I'm boring.

Daniel and I spent Sunday afternoon watching movies. He got to pick one and I got to pick one. First it was his turn, and he chose What About Bob? which I slept through. And then it was my turn. I chose a French film called Hors de Prix (translated as "Priceless") starring Audrey Tatou. If it were up to me I would die and come back in another life as a dark-haired, skinny french girl with big Audrey Hepburn eyes and prance around in haute couture. But it's not up to me.
I liked my choice. It's a silly, whimsical, sort of sad-but-not film.
It is the story of a young, beautiful, completely broke woman who makes a living by preying on rich older men. One evening she sets her sights on a handsome young man in a tuxedo at a high-class hotel whom she believes to be very wealthy. Turns out he's just a waiter at the hotel.
The story takes an interesting turn that leaves you telling yourself, It's okay, they're French.
But, I liked it. It was ironic.
So sue me, I like almost all things French. Particularly the language. And the Cote D'Azur. Or perhaps I would. If I ever went there.

Well, believe it or not, I think I've run out of things to say.
I'll go dry my hair now.


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