June 29, 2009

I'm Blogging?

I suppose it's been long enough. I've been so busy you know, with the stuff of life. Work, basically. And a wedding here and there.
This evening Daniel and I sat on stone benches in front of the Cafe Medici drinking a Toddy SS and brainstorming for a speech that he'll be delivering to a crowd at a Texas Tea Party Rally on Independence Day. I don't like giving speeches, let alone standing up in front of a crowd. I think I've said before it makes my palms sweat and my neck gets splotchy and I get cotton-mouth. But I can write a speech. I think.
In high school I was chosen to participate in a speech meet and the topic I chose was abortion. You know, I like to keep things neutral, non-polarizing.
Three days before speech meet I had to present my speech, completed, to the Rhetoric class and after 4 excruciating minutes Mrs. Brunson asked me to sit down. After class she told me she thought, from a competitive stand point, that I was going to fail miserably and embarrass the school unless by some act of God I got my crap together before Saturday morning (perhaps not in so many words).
Well, that evening I went home, wrote out a speech based on my index cards, stood in my closet, and read my speech to myself ten times before setting it aside.
Apparently those readings committed the speech to my memory it because I recited it to judges, competitors, and other students word-for-word on Saturday morning without even glancing at my note cards. And apparently it was a good speech because the crowd was nearly in tears by the end of the speech and I won the gold medal. I think I told some gut-wrenching story about a girl sitting in a clinic. Juno totally ripped me off.
Unfortunately Mrs. Brunson wasn't there to hear it. I think she was watching some team present a puppet show or some kid recite a humorous monologue. She was very surprised to see me win and she didn't conceal her surprise at all.
It must have been adrenaline.
I hate public speaking.
All that to say is: I could never, would never do what Daniel is doing on Saturday. When I think about it, it makes me want to vomit. I'd rather vomit than give a speech.

In other news...I am blessed. I got to see my parents and brothers last month and they were able to stay with me at my own house! Daniel and I loved having a house full of family. Hopefully we'll be able to return the gesture someday soon.
I was in the wedding of a great friend last weekend. It is good to be confident that a friend is marrying a good man.
I wore a yellow dress and about ten minutes before the ceremony I ripped a hole in the front of it with my pointy shoe heel. That was kind of awful but I don't think anyone noticed because Courtney and Ryan were so stunning.
One moment framed in my mind: walking a crosswalk on Guadalupe with the wedding party, all dressed in our yellow gowns, holding Courtney's train to keep it from dragging on the street.
It was a lovely wedding :)
Well. That's all for now.

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