December 31, 2009


So 2009 has come and nearly gone.
People keep asking me, "So, any resolutions this year?"
I answer, "To grow up."
And they look at me oddly. No one has asked me to expound on that yet. Maybe they're scared.

I don't really know what it means. I just say it.

Daniel and I are going to eat Tex-Mex tonight. I know, I know--we are so flipping fantastic! We might make an appearance at a few events afterwards, but we've both agreed that we would really like to act like an old married couple tonight. Maybe have a glass of wine and work on a puzzle while watching Fletch (not my dog, the movie. But it is Fletcher's namesake); maybe a little cuddling. We really don't want to get trashed and party till 3 am. That would totally ruin our day off tomorrow. So not worth it.
Last year I got all dolled up and we went to Antone's for a Bob Schneider concert. I stood in a packed room, in really cute, uncomfortable high heels while people spilled beer on me and mistook me for someone else. And then we stood outside in the cold for a couple more hours trying to catch a cab home. Drunk people kept walking out in front of cars and stealing my cabs.
Not cool. Not cool at all.
But I did look cute. not worth it.

I'll try to snap a few shots tonight to ring in the New Year. I'm excited for 2010! I think it's going to be a good year.

On another note, my company is hosting yet another sales meeting next month. As always, there is a theme. Last year's was "Peace, Love, and Beauty Supplies" and we all had to dress like hippies.
This year the theme is "You're a Star!" and the costume is "red carpet style."
I loathe and despise costume parties. I really try not to be a nay-sayer...but I hate them. And so many people love them! I think 9 times out of 10 when I am planning a party with someone they have the idea of a theme.
And I glare at them, full of wrath. Usually they back down.

But I've had an idea. You might be able to guess who I plan on dressing as--her style is conveniently simple, elegant, and timeless which means I won't have to try too hard (har, har). I can get on board with that.

This has the potential to be yet another dismal failure.

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