January 2, 2010

Concerning my dysfunctional relationship with espresso, etc.

I am blogging on location. 
Right now I am sitting in a dark corner of my favorite coffee shop, Once Over

I truly, truly love this place with all of my heart. I come here often - kind of to an embarrassing degree - but I think they appreciate it. On the weekends Daniel and I typically stop by twice a day. Usually they will keep a tab open for us, and we will drink espresso to our hearts' delight.
I come here so often that when I walk in, they start my drink without even taking my order. Skim Latte with Vanilla. On Saturdays it's always "for here," Sunday mornings "to go," and on week days I bring my own cup for a $.15 discount. Or something like that. 
The "baristas" are sweet, good people who are always personable and kind. 

And then there's the coffee. 

So smooth, so rich, so gooooood. It feeds my soul. Sometimes when I drink Once Over espresso, a few liturgical words will cross my mind. Something about "those things which are necessary to our life and to our salvation." It's just that good. And it's pretty much ruined me for all other coffee. "No one does it better." 

. . .

In other news (I know, I say that a lot. I've tried to come up with another "bridging" phrase, but why? Who cares? Not me. Not really), Daniel and I survived the last night of the decade. Or will December 31, 2010 be the last night of the decade? I don't really know. We had a great time either way. I know I said we wouldn't be staying out all night like crazy people. And we didn't stay out all night. But we did stay out until, like, 12:30 AM. We began the evening with a lovely dinner at Polvos (the Cerveza fajitas are da bomb diggity), where our friends the Baileys, Daniel and I shared a pitcher of frozen Margarita(s?). 

It was strong.

It always is at Polvos - another reason why I love that place. But because of the strength of their liquor (btw, the letter "Q" button is missing on my keyboard. I'm not sure what happened to it. It's all part of having a ghetto laptop. Should laptop and ghetto even be in the same sentence?), I had to take a few minutes to get it together...we all did. So after taking it easy for a few minutes, suddenly we looked up, and it was 9:30. Already! 
We made our way over to Shane and Cassidy's big party, and basically the party started when we got there. Everyone was excited we'd shown up and it made me feel happy :) Also, they served me champagne with some sort of berry-flavored liquor mixed with it. That made me feel happy too. 

(In order) Amy, me, and Cassidy feeling happy. 

I also made a new friend, her name was Andrea and she was funny. She also is BFF with a girl I work with. Or...with whom I work. I hate to end on a prepostion. A thousand apologies.
Small world!

Here are the girls at the party:  

The lovely hostess herself

Daniel is, like, so cute.

We ended up hanging out until the clock struck midnight. Then we made some noise Then we danced around to some groovy music. Then suddenly Daniel came through the front door to let me know he had walked four blocks to get the car and it was waiting outside for us to leave. It was very abrupt. But not in a mean or rude way. Just abrupt. We said goodbye, I cried the whole way home (not really), and then I fell fast asleep in the comfort that the next day was a HOLIDAY and I didn't have to go to work.

Happy New Year! 

Post Script: something personal.


  1. I took some of these photos and would like credit. I hope that does not seem abrupt.