January 25, 2010


There are some people that I work with who shall remain unnamed, who use "..." way too much.

This really bugs me.

Perhaps because when I read, I take into account all the grammatical marks. Why are they pausing for so long and so often? Are they afraid to commit to what they are saying? Is a period too final? Is a comma not poignant enough? Why are they trying to be so poignant in their work emails?

"I entered the order...is there anything else you need....have a nice day........"
"Processed....thanks....let me know if you have any questions......."

Just stop it. End it.

It's like those girls in my college bible study who used to say, "When I pray in the morning, I don't say 'Amen.' So it leaves my prayer open all day."

Oh brother.

I know I really shouldn't let these things bother me. I too have struggled with the overuse of punctuation. In high school I had a tumultuous relationship with commas. It wasn't pretty.
Also, if someone doesn't want to say 'Amen' at the end of their morning prayer, what do I care?
I don't know. I just don't know.

The lack of photographic evidence of my life on this blog is making me feel grave.
(I'm also really uncomfortable with lack of photographic evidence of my life on this blog. I wish I had phrased that differently but I'm just going to leave it.)
But I can't post any pictures yet. We are moving this weekend and I have to focus.
I've only packed two things: the pizza stone and the coffee grinder.
I also threw out over half of my clothes and shoes.
It feels so good.

Yesterday I picked weeds and raked leaves. The weather was nice and the puppies bathed in the sunlight while I dug up trees deeply rooted weeds with a tiny shovel and pick.

I really need to scrub the grout on my bathroom floor. With a toothbrush and bleach.

I have to really buckle down this week, because the truth is I won't even be around to help this weekend. I will be working. Blah.

Sometime next week I will post some pictures of the new house. It is seriously three doors down from the last house. I'm excited to have an upstairs again! Don't really know why.

I can't wait until life settles down a bit.



  1. Try peroxide on the grout. I think it won't be so toxic. It will stain clothes, though.