February 24, 2010

Taking A Break.

Today on my lunch break I decided I needed to take a break (possibly permanent) from Facebook. I claimed it was for Lent. But it's not really.
However, it will be like fasting. Because I like Facebook in some ways! A LOT.
But the cons began to outweigh the pros.
I know this must all sound very ambiguous. Bottom line is: I feel really, really good about the decision.

I'm also hoping that I'll be spending more time here now that I have one less internet distraction.
I enjoy writing! And I love reading blogs. I really love reading blogs.

Life, since the beginning of the year, has "gotten in the way" of blogging. I've been struggling with low spirits due to a number of things, and when I'm low, I don't like to blog. Or write. Or be social. Or do anything really.

But God is good. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is Truth "...and in His word do I hope." It is truly amazing to me when I recognize the times when God has shown Himself to me through people and situations. Times where a word or a gesture is so exactly what I needed at that moment or on that day.
It is so humbling to realize, sometimes much later, how tender His mercies are. I am overwhelmed to think of the great care He has taken to carry my burdens when they become too much for me. I have felt His comfort so near and so real, and my heart and faith are strengthened!

On another note, the weather here is amazing today.
Yesterday it SNOWED--which was odd. And today it is sunny and 60. Not a cloud in the sky.
I would like to be at Pedernales Falls today climbing around the rocks. But I need to be at work, making the big bucks and saving for someday. So here I am.

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