February 27, 2010

Why I Love Austin

(You're about to get up close and personal with my day. I mean it.)
The weather today was perfect.
My older brother Nicholas came into town last night, which always makes me happy.

When I came home from my "girls' night" (which was so fun! I'll write more on that later. Maybe. If I remember.), he was in my kitchen making Panna Cotta for us. When he comes home tonight we're going to enjoy the dessert together.

Today started out as any Saturday should: a little sleeping in, a little cuddling with the puppies and Daniel, and plenty of coffee. 
We sat at the bar of Once Over and talked about Saturday morning type things. Like gardens and building coffee tables and people who practice witchcraft.

Daniel and I parted ways with Nicholas for a bit. We went to Home Depot and Lowe's, bought some wood, took it out to the car, realized it wouldn't fit in the car, and then I left Daniel standing on the side of the road with a bunch of wood while I ran back to the house to get the other car with the seats that lie down.

Then we went to lunch.
We made our way over to Salvation Pizza in the West Campus area.
It was so beautiful outside that we decided to sit in their outdoor area. I insisted we sit in the sun because the shade was too cold.
Daniel complained it was too bright.
But I was wearing sunglasses, so I didn't care.
I told him that would teach him to forget his sunglasses and then he cried and told me I was mean.
Then I told him I thought he looked like a bum.

Then I ordered a Dr. Pepper. Because it's Saturday.

We were laughing at a couple trying to parallel-park their car in front of the restaurant (the guy was standing on the sidewalk yelling at the woman driving, "Backupbackupbackup STOPSTOPSTOPSTOP Backbackback STOP! TURNYOURWHEEL! TURNTURNTURN!!") when Nicholas showed up. He'd been at Once Over all day "talking coffee" with Rob (owner of Once Over). 
Nicholas ordered some Bruschetta. I ate some. 

Then came the pizza. And it was good.

And then it was gone.

After lunch we parted ways with Nicholas again. We had to put our rent check in the mail because we forgot to do it yesterday. Just like we do every month.
After doing the responsible thing, we drove to Half Price Books so I could by Volume One of Shelby Foote's Civil War series. And I've got 3000 pages to go.

We headed over to East Austin in search of an Organic Tea House called Zhi Tea, but they closed at two and we left, dejected.
We drove by the church. Hi, church!

Daniel made me take a picture of this car, also:

Then we went to a couple of pawn shops, got another cup of coffee, and then we came home and Daniel vacuumed while I ran to the grocery store. I made chili for lunch tomorrow, and then I ate some.

Then I came into the office and played on photoshop. And then I blogged.

The End. Almost.


  1. Don't see many of these around, it is a 1958 Mercedes 190. Very awesome.

  2. I love all of these pictures. Great one of Nicholas. I like Daniel's messy clothes and I would like to be able to replicate that Dr. Pepper here.

  3. Karen, I like the sepia tones with the older car. Very realistic. Love all the pictures.