February 26, 2010

Friday Morning: Items of Note (Or not)

Last night I played Nertz and drank Pomegranate Margaritas with the South Parish peeps. Yes, I just said peeps. Must be a delayed effect of Tequila.
I won the first game with my trusty partner, Foster.

I lost the second game with my trusty partner, Bill.
It was dismal. I mean dismal.
Last place. By a lot.

As usual, I was furious with Daniel before the end of the second game. Because he's so, so good.
And at South Parish game night spouses aren't allowed to be on the same team.
It has something to do with our sanctification, I'm told.
When the game is over my intense anger disappears and I just want to kiss his smug mug.
He's so irresistible to me and he knows it.

This morning, like yesterday morning, I had a frozen vanilla latte from Once Over--with four shots. And it is good.

I was asked to join a Skee Ball team this morning--when their next "Skeeson" starts (instead of season, haha hoho hehe).

Tonight I'm going out for a 'girls' night.' Daniel shared with me yesterday that he's going to take himself out for a steak.

On Wednesday night I finished watching BBC's Robin Hood Season 2. I thought the season finale was the series finale and I was so mad. I was mad all day yesterday.
Last night I discovered that there is another season, and the universe makes sense again.

Enjoy this Friday. The weather here is superb. And I'm inside, working. Because that's the way it goes.
When I complain about working on beautiful days, there's always that obnoxious person who reminds me to be grateful that I have a job. Pshhh.

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  1. Your man cracks me up!! Those will be great pieces. Have fun. I can't wait to see the process.