March 23, 2010


Meaning, very satisfactory.

Use it in a sentence?

This weekend was copacetic in every way.

The Slovaks came. The name of their band is actually Longital. The first couple of days they were here were a whirlwind. Our schedules were so completely opposite that we barely saw them. But finally, on Saturday, we were finally able to spend time with our guests.
Early Saturday morning they were up and out of the house for a feature interview with NPR. I thought that was pretty darn exciting. At 4 PM they had a show at Mi Casa on 6th, and Daniel and I were determined to go. Despite the overwhelming crowds and horrible traffic. We managed to score a parking spot just 5 blocks away.
We settled in at Mi Casa, helped ourselves to some free tamales (oh, they were so good) and drinks, and prepared for the show.


I'm not one to get into the music festivals and all that. The crowds do nothing good for my social anxiety. Looking for parking is maddening. Bumping shoulders with so many strangers makes me want to sit in a corner with a blanket and suck on my hair.
So typically, when the festivals come to town, I lock myself in the house for several days.
But I am so happy I ventured out into the frightening world of skinny jeans, eye liner, colorful tights, and straw fedoras. (People dress like clowns. Clowns.)

I was a little hesitant when we arrived at Mi Casa. Would this be good? The bands that preceeded them were so loud I thought my ears would bleed. You couldn't hear the voices, the instruments, even the baseline was blurry because it was so dang loud.

But then Longital stepped onto the stage and whisked us away to Slovakia.
The music was upbeat, creative, passionate, and nothing like I'd ever heard!
I was thoroughly entertained.

And to top it off, they dedicated their final song to "Karen and Daniel, two beautiful people sitting right over there (he pointed)." I felt so honored.

They were a crowd favorite, and their music certainly captured the attention of the noisy bar. The chatting became hushed and people were listening.

After the show we packed up their gear and Daniel and I took our guests to Maudie's for excellent Tex-Mex (they were quite pleased), Margaritas (very pleased), and then to Amy's Ice Cream. They were fascinated with the way Amy's "prepares" the ice cream. It was quite funny.

On the way home we discussed "comfort zones" and how their experiences in America have helped them grow.
Dano said, "Amy's is comfort zone. If I lived here, I would be regular there!"
Now they are gone, off to Bratislava for a quick stop before heading off to Italy for a show.
Kind of makes me wish I had a shadow of musical talent.
I've never really spent any time with real, genuine, musicians. At least not any like this. You can actually sense the creative juices oozing out of these people. They see art and beauty everywhere. They seem aware of things that my mind has not been trained to be aware of. It was really interesting and, I feel, like I benefited from being around them. I hope they could say the same of Daniel and me.

Life is feeling normal again. I continue to heal, the guests are gone, our house is empty, and I have a lot of laundry to do.
Daniel is helping me with the laundry. He is so good to me.
Last night I found myself in Clarksville again, having dinner at the Galaxy Cafe and sipping coffee at Cafe Medici with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Another beautiful evening, full of sweet and nourishing conversation. I am so thankful for my good friends. And I thank God for those friendships that feed my soul and lift my heart. I don't know what I would do without them!

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