March 24, 2010

Tap me on the shoulder

...if the fire alarm goes off.

I'm eating Miss Vickie's Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper chips and I all I can hear is *CRUNCHCRUCHCRUNCH*

So good. With a Coca Cola.

Despite my unhealthy snacking, I am looking feminine and vintage today.
This morning Daniel said sleepily, "You look nice today."
I looked at him and smiled. Maybe he took this as a reprimand because he stuttered,
"I mean, you look nice every day."
And then I kissed him. Like a good wife.

Just imagine this exact dress paired with a light brown belt and a peep-toe pump.

1 comment:

  1. precious! can you post more of these? i need to look feminine and vintage instead of frumpy and boring. :)