March 4, 2010

impulse buy

I'm not sure why I did it, but I just bought a bunch of paper. Paper. On Etsy. From paperpeddler.

I fell in love with these designs and thought I simply need to have all of this paper on hand.

Look at the beautiful colors!!

I have a thing for this Marquee shape. It's another one of those things I can't really explain. It just is.
I is what I is.

I also bought a new mouse pad to match my office "decor" (whatever). Right now I'm using a mouse pad that was given out for free at a sales meeting I went to for work. There's a weird-looking girl on it and it is unbelievably unattractive. Not so with my new little friend.

I've also had an idea for making my own memo board for the office (but why? As if I ever get memos. It would be a total farce). I think I'd like to use a Heather Bailey fabric. Something like...

Or any number of these...

I've also had the idea that I would like to make a wall of frames over the desk.
Something similar to, but not exactly like, the following.

If only my sense of style were that chic.
(was that chic? were that chic? oh grammar, why do you torture me so??) 
Maybe I should just start with putting knobs on my desk drawers.  

That's right. I still haven't done that.
Got something to say about it?


  1. Becky would tell you to use the paper as the inside or outside of a handmade book. She's all into book binding by hand. Pretty clever.

  2. I feel the exact same way. Sometimes I just buy stationery because it's pretty.

    And what you've bought is beautiful. I love that mousepad. Looks like i'm going shopping on etsy later.