March 4, 2010

i feel old.

I almost could not get out of bed today.

I was frozen in relaxation. My muscles were at rest. And the slightest tension or movement sent shooting pains up and down my gluteus maximus. And probably my gluteus medius as well. But mostly the maximus.

I thought to myself, Am I paralyzed? Why am I in so much pain right now?

And then I realized. P90X. P.90.X.

I managed to force myself out of bed with minimal cries of pain. This, fortunately, didn't disturb my dear, sleeping husband who has the day off today. Then I hobbled into the bathroom and stood as still as I could while I brushed my teeth and put on my make-up (kidding! You know I don't wear make-up!).

Last night when I was doing Cardio X I felt good. The yoga moves were stretching out my sore muscles and it was such goooooood pain. And afterwards I thought, that was good. I think I'll feel better tomorrow.

But today. Today is not better.

I can't walk. I am waddling. My hiney hurts so bad that I'm uncomfortable sitting down. My legs are so sore that I'm uncomfortable standing up. My arms are so sore that it hurts to lift or move anything. My neck just...hurts.

I think this is a sign that I need to drink and drink and drink lots and lots and lots of water.

Oh, the pain.

But I must keep going. Because all this pain means I'm doing something right! And something wrong--not drinking enough water. And maybe I should invest in a muscle-recovery drink.

Does this mean I am getting old?

*Tomorrow I am taking a half day to start work on the prototype (as Daniel calls it). I know. So romantic.
I'll take pictures of the progress.


  1. I remebered just the other day how I used to love it when you were sore just so I could lovingly give you a massage and hear you cry out. Sounds like a good day for it. Wish I was there.