April 9, 2010


You should spend some time at Cannelle et Vanille, a gorgeous cooking blog.
I love the vintage glasses and cookware. And she's a self-taught photographer and stylist.

And if you like lovely things, take a look a Samantha Robinson's line at Anthropologie.
I've got my eye on these little darling tea cups (but at $128 for a set of 4, I will have to love them from afar!)


  1. those are beautiful photos and AMAZING cups from Anthro. The price is difficult though!!!

  2. Yes I saw the cups in their catalog and LOVED them. And then I spent five minutes (while elliptical-ing) picking out the five cups I would choose, were I to buy a set of them.
    That was tough, of course, because they are ALL pretty, but I think I got it all sorted out. ;)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!