April 13, 2010

Vogue and Bottleshock

Daniel and I watched Bottleshock on Sunday night. I really enjoyed it. The story was interesting and the scenery was gorgeous. I loved being taken out into the gorgeous, sunny, Californa wine country. It was golden with sunshine, and I could almost smell the ripening grapes. And I really like Alan Rickman.

I asked Daniel, "Doesn't that make you want to visit California?"
He nodded.
"We should just fly out there, rent a car, and explore the countryside and its wines. Doesn't that sound fun."
He nodded.

And that is an example of one of the many conversations we have about getting away together. It will never happen, but it is fun to dream.

Last night I watched the documentary The September Issue, about Vogue's...September Issue. Which is apparently their most significant, influential, big-deal issue of the year. I was completely fascinated. It was like watching The Devil Wears Prada as a true story. Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vogue is a slight but serious woman with a critical eye, and people tremble with fear when she enters the room. Fashion designers like Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg welcome her into their homes and show her their top designs, hoping she'll place their gowns and shirts and scarves in the coveted pages of the September Issue. She doesn't show a sign of emotion as she peruses over designs and layouts--I found myself holding my breath as I waited for her reactions--does she like it? Will she keep it in the magazine?
I was most interested in the story of Grace Coddington. She's the Creative Director of Vogue with an eye for beauty and haute couture. And she's a former Vogue model that is kind of scary-looking now. But I think she likes the eccentric artist look. It suits her.

Grace in the old days:

Grace today:
I'm amazed by people whose creativity is so active and alive. In the documentary she speaks about how she keeps her eyes open at all times, open for inspiration. The photo shoots that she directed were gorgeous and whimsical.

I enjoy flipping through the pages of Vogue magazine. Some of it is silly, but I definitely see the art of fashion. I received a free subscription with a purchase about a year ago, and I'm amazed how much the things I see in that magazine influence the fashions I see on store hangers just weeks later. I look over the pages myself and I'm influenced by the styles and trends that I see there. It's kind of intriguing to think of how that industry makes such an impression on the population. Some people hate it, some people don't care, some people take an interest in it (like me), and some people go completely overboard.
Watching the documentary last night I thought about what it would be like to spend my days in that type of creativity. Picking out fashions and costumes for photo shoots and designing sets; traveling to Rome and Paris and London on a monthly basis; defending my designs to a critical editor. I think it would be interesting. Worlds away from what I spend my days doing now!

I defnitely wouldn't mind the Rome and Paris and London part.

P.S. I saw this dress in Anthropologie today and fell in love.

What's that you say? I would look so nice in that? It is my birthday in two days...

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  1. Wow. That's a beautiful dress! I love the back.