May 24, 2010


This weekend felt like a dreamy stretch of days.
It was only three days, but it felt much longer. And I mean that in the best sort of way.
We were up with the sun and long into the night, experiencing the simplicity and beauty of country life, refreshing old friendships.
I say dreamy. I can't think of another word to describe the peaceful, steady passing of time. All signs of the life we daily live were left behind; no phones, no computers, no TV, no busy streets.
We rode horses out into a golden pasture; the grass looked like waves in the wind that strongly swept across the fields. I went for a run down a long country road in the middle of a cool night, lit by the bright moon. We sat on a dusty porch and feasted with tired cowboys. We gathered around a pancake feast on Sunday morning and listened to one another, sharing learned wisdom, praying together.
The air smelled like earth and hay. And sometimes cow poop.
I have so many pictures, but we stumbled in from a delayed flight around 11:30 last night and after a little sleep, I'm at work again. I'll work on posting those soon!

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