May 15, 2008

Good Morning, Sunshine

Last night we had some terrible storms in the area! The news reported people were seeing pigeons in mid flight being pinned to the ground by the strong winds. The worst of the storm hit smack dab in central/downtown Austin around midnight. Oddly enough, Daniel was at his office downtown working away at a big project. I was down in south Austin at a friends house watching a movie.
Thankfully, God kept both of us safe. Daniel waited the storm out in his sturdy office building and I kept my friends up way too late waiting for the cell to pass over the highway I would be driving on to get home.
It was a little eerie driving home. Central Austin was largely without power, and typically that is the brightest part of the city at night. All the street lamps and house lights were out, and it was pitch black on Mopac. It was pretty dangerous as the severe winds had knocked over trees and blown debris onto the streets. Daniel said it looked as if a tornado had blown through downtown; windows were broken, sturdy oak trees had fallen across roadways.
By the time we made it back to the apartment all was quiet and calm. You could hear a slight rumbling of thunder in the distance, and occasionally the sky would light up with sprawling lightening. Storms are so beautiful and yet so scary!
This morning I heard on the news that several windows in the capitol dome had been blown out and sprayed glass all over the interior. Many of the huge, old oak trees had been uprooted and they were hoping to save a few.
It's kind of strange because so often these terrible storms happen in rural areas. I've rarely seen anything like what downtown looks like today. Thousands are without power and the streets are a dirty mess. City workers are out in throngs picking up the mess.

This morning as Daniel was leaving I was still resting, and he came over to me and kissed me and told me I was very beautiful! That's a nice way to start the morning...

I mentioned that I watched a movie at a friend's house. We watched the movie Lars and the Real Girl. It had a very "independent film" feel to it. The characters weren't glitzy and flawless and the humor was strange and subtle. And the music was simple and beautiful.
It's a very strange story. It takes place in a remote, small town. Lars is a young man (late 20's?) who lives in his brother and sister-in-law's garage. He's reclusive and awkward, and from the moment you see him you can tell things are not quite right with him. His sister-in-law, Karen, is very concerned about him. Even though he makes excuses to avoid ever leaving his little garage (besides going to work), she constantly tries to reach out to him and show him love.
Then something very strange happens. Lars orders a life-size silicone doll from an online company that sells them as "sex toys." But Lars doesn't use the doll in this way.
The same day his doll is delivered he runs over to his brother's house and tells them he would like to come over for dinner--he's met someone and he'd like to introduce her to them. Of course Karen is filled with jubilation at this. Finally, he's socializing and acting "normal."
And that evening he shows up with Bianca, the doll.
As Gus and Karen attempt to deal with Lars' behavior, they seek out the help of a doctor and learn that Lars obviously has some sort of delusional disorder and they have two choices: to get no where by trying to talk Lars out of his delusion, or to go along with him and see where all this leads.
As time progresses, first Lars' church and soon after the whole town learns of Lars' new "friend" and it is so funny/strange/interesting to see how people choose to deal with it. This movie really touched my heart! Ryan Gosling, the actor who plays Lars, is so endearing and odd. And it's wonderful to see the love that his church and community show him and his family as they deal with such a strange mental disorder.
The movie is a "serious comedy." The acting was wonderful and I think it was extremely well done. It's clean, for the most part. A few of the guys in town make a few silly jokes about Lars' new girlfriend. Overall, the content probably won't appeal much to the young ones.
I recommend it!

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