May 23, 2008

he still hates snakes.

As a very last-minute plan, my Thursday night friends and I (they are also my Sunday lunch and sometimes Friday night friends) decided to see the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull flick.
Know this: it is dripping with "summer movie-ness." And if you see it, do so remembering what strange people Lucas and Spielberg are. I think they are getting stranger with age...maybe not. But it is very...far-fetched. I enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy it as much as Raiders or Last Crusdade, but it fit in with the silly, action-packed Indiana Jones films we all are familiar with. Harrison Ford is a puzzle to me. Sometimes he is such a stiff, flat, boring actor, and then all of a sudden he's cracking you up and being totally believable. There were several moments like that in the movie.
Also, I'm usually a fan of Cate Blanchett in movies. But as the villian in Crystal I could hardly stand her. The fast pace of the movie and Harrison Ford + Shia LeBeouf + Karen Allen made up for her irritating involvement, I think. Shia LeBeouf is a good actor and I like him. He was funny and he and Harrison Ford were quite the comedic team in parts.
The film was no No Country for Old Men, but it wasn't trying to be. There wasn't a lot of thought or depth involved. But it was good, clean fun.
I'll tell you this: Daniel really liked it!

I saw previews for Hancock starring Will Smith, which looks original and funny; I saw a long trailer for The Dark Knight which looks dark and scary; and I saw one for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt, and it looks incredibly strange and I was a little disturbed just by the preview.
I'm excited about the fact that Maggie Gyllenhaal is the love interest in The Dark Knight. There's something about her that I just really like. And I think she's a good actress. Katie Holmes was just terrible in Batman Begins. I think that was the one thing I didn't really like about the movie.
Aaron Eckhart also has some role in The Dark Knight--I liked him in Thank You for Smoking.

This post is super boring!

Tonight I'm taking the dogs to the greenbelt after work and hopefully taking some pictures. I love watching them play at the greenbelt. They are just the cutest things ever!
Other than that, no big plans this weekend. I'm just happy I have Monday off.

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