May 22, 2008

she's a talker.

I love to talk.

It's not that I like to hear myself speak, and I hate speaking publicly. It makes my palms sweat and my gums water. But one of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to talk. Chatting is okay...but I love getting down to the nitty-gritty ("who is this 'Incarnacion'?"). I like to discuss meaningful things. I like to hear and tell stories, new and old. I like to listen to people's voices. I like to hear testimonies and love stories and tales of all sorts. I like to talk about theology.
And this is all best when it is done in the company of old friends. When I go to get-togethers, I measure how the occasion went by the quality of the conversations I had--and I don't think that is uncommon. Many people appreciate good conversation. And there are a few people in whom I have "met my match" when it comes to lovers of conversation.
I love it when Daniel and I go to friends' houses for dinner and end up staying well into the night talking and laughing. I love it when I meet a friend for coffee and we end up sitting at our little table for hours conversing. I love it when I slip back into "teenager mode" and spend the night at Christi's and we stay up way too late talking and remembering together.
There are few people in this world that I share as many memories with as Christi.

Last night I went over to my mother-in-law's house to help her with a little project and ended sitting in the kitchen with her for hours. She loves to talk about her faith and the Scriptures and her incredible dreams. And I love to listen. She is good at this conversation thing. And I appreciate that she has strong opinions about things and shares them. At the same time she has a great capacity for loving others, and I learn so much from her when we talk. Plus, she serves me Ghirardelli hot cocoa while we talk; what could be better?

After talking with her I felt so uplifted and encouraged and I am so thankful. Our conversation challenged me, made me think and is still with me--and those are the best kind of conversations, aren't they?


  1. Karen. I love reading your blog. I generally have a few posts to catch up on and I joyfully read them all.

    It was wonderful seeing you today :). I love just sitting and listening to you and Christi talk.

    As far as sitting in Starbucks with a laptop goes, I would much prefer a local coffee shop to the chain. Most local shops come with free wifi anyways!! I will support the fact that macs are QUITE fab, though.

    p.s. I went to a mcdonalds the other day in search of free internet, and I HAD TO PAY!!! (ok, i didnt pay. I just left. bummed.)

  2. You had to pay at McDonalds?!?

    You are right. The local places that let you use their wifi to your heart's content are great.

    Sometimes though, the local places have SICK furniture. Like, it looks like they dragged it in after pulling it out of a dumpster full of dirty diapers. And they probably did.

    Starbucks always looks cleeeeean.