May 23, 2008

non nobis

I didn't mention one of the previews from the movie last night. I don't remember the name of the movie, the actors who will be in it, nor did I understand in the slightest what the movie is going to be about. After the preview my friend Christi and I looked at each other with that expression (she and I don't even really have to talk anymore. we just read each other's minds and it works out.) that says, "Wha..?"
One thing I actually do remember about the preview is the musical score it was set to: a piece from Kenneth Branagh's (oh yeah...and Wm. Shakespeare) Henry V.
The music from that movie pierces my soul. Not only because it brings back some of my earliest childhood memories (it seems like we watched that movie all the time...and Man of La Mancha...and The Scarlett Pimpernel...), but because the music is so beautiful and strong yet so inobtrusive (listen to me. I don't know what the crap I'm talking about). When I listen to pieces of that score, I feel like I'm listening to a living being. It really breathes life into the film. And it also helped me understand Henry Vee when I was younger because I really had no clue what those people were talking about...a muse of fire? Wha..?

You should give it a listen. And a watch. Kenneth Branagh is a genius when it comes to Shakespeare; at least that's what I think.

And he was in Harry Potter.

Two weird things that have happened to me in the past two days:
*My friend (who shall remain nameless to protect her spotless reputation) and I were sitting in the theater last night and a man walked in that reminded us of one of our high school teachers, Mr. Horvath. My nameless friend recalled the time she was walking from class with David Kersch, and Mr. Horvath was walking ahead of them in the distance. Nameless friend mused to David that Mr. Horvath, "kinda walks like a gay guy." Much to nameless friend's utter mortification, David Kersch yelled out, "Hey Mr. Horvath! [Nameless friend] thinks you walk like a gay guy!"
In response, Mr. Horvath gave David and Nameless Friend the "thumbs up" and continued on his way.
Awkward? Uh, yeah.
But that's not the weird thing that happened.
About 20 seconds, LITERALLY, after we had moved our conversation on from mean ol' David Kersch, who we haven't seen in about 6 years (he really was mean: once he told my mom that I'd gotten arrested for doing a chinese firedrill--that was only half true), that same David Kersch walks into the theater. Nameless friend and I proceeded to sink lowly in our seats and avoid eye contact.

*Today my Nameless Friend and I went to lunch together, which is not weird at all. While we were eating we heard this totally OLD SCHOOOL song playing on the radio (I'm Just a Teenage Dirtbag? Anyone? Bueller?).
I say: This song is SO OLD SCHOOL. And it reminds me of Jared Neusch. Why is that?
Nameless Friend says: I reminds me of Michael Boutwell. But I think it's because he used to always sing that, "I'm a Loser, Baby" song.
I say: Oh yeah...
About 20 seconds, LITERALLY, after we had moved our conversation on from Michael singing self-deprecating songs, the song, "I'm a Loser, Baby" starts playing on the radio.

How's that for weird? Are your palms tingling and eyes crossing? Is that, like, SO WEIRD?!

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