August 28, 2008

Quiet Mornings

Ever heard of the "learning curve"?

I don't know exactly what that means, but I use the phrase all the time as if I do.

I think it refers to that point you come to in your education on a particular subject where you finally "get it."

Know what I mean?

Right now, I'm just beginning to feel pretty comfortable in my new position at work. I'm sure-footed, not always feeling like I'm just barely not screwing up. People recognize me and I recognize them. I'm finishing assignments more efficiently, and I actually have a few minutes here and there to check my email or blog here. I'm relaxing. But make no mistake: it's not the same as getting lazy.

Getting up so early in the mornings isn't as hard as it was at first, and I feel more energetic and alert in the mornings (post-coffee). The last couple of days the sun has shone brightly through my east-facing windows, and I love it. The lobby where I sit faces two walls of windows that give me a panoramic view of the trees, fields and sky around our building. This past week the afternoons have brought raging storms with them, and the windows give me a front-row seat to see the gusting winds and lightening strikes.

As I sit and watch the storms, a handful of people dart in and out of the doors, cursing because they left their windows cracked. It's really beautiful...

I never mentioned this, but a couple of weekends ago Daniel and I went to see Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, Woody Allen's latest film. I was looking forward to seeing Javier Bardem in a non-villainous (sorta)role, and I've always liked Penelope Cruz for the most part. The movie was okay. There was a "lack of moral compass" in most of the characters, characters trying to break the mold, defy the status-quo, seeking fulfillment in sexual experimentation and love affairs. Allen's theme of people bored with life, looking at the green grass on the other side was present, as usual.

The movie was filmed in Spain, and the scenes were filled with beautiful scenery and Spanish guitar. But it wasn't his fact it felt a little lazy to me. The humor sort of fell flat in an attempt to sound intellectual, and in fact ended up seeming shallow and stupid.

I was pleased with the ending, however. Typical of a Woody Allen film. The characters realize what they thought they wanted wasn't what they wanted at all, yet there's a certain bitterness in their returning to the life they didn't want from the beginning. The message seems to be, no matter who or where you are, life get's old, dreams remain unfulfilled, happiness is elusive. And yet...And yet you feel a twinge of humor and optimism in the midst of all the cynicism.

Bardem and Cruz were charming, and played their parts well. I found Johanssen lacking in...oomph.

Can't say I really recommend the movie, but I didn't not enjoy the movie. It was just okay. Okay?

I'm so looking forward to a three-day weekend. It should be refreshing.

I miss Daniel today. Sometimes we work so much I feel like I never see the guy.

Every night when I go to bed at 9:45 he tells me I'm an old lady and asks me if I remembered to take my Metamucil (sp?) and can he get me my cane?

What a turd.

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  1. i saw that movie too. while it was TOOOTALLLYYY deviod of all morality (lol) i thought it was pretty funny... i wont lie... i laughed a whole lot. i thought the ending sucked though. i definitely CRACKED up when cruz came in with the gun. she made me laugh the whole time!