August 12, 2008

For the Intellectuals (not me)

This may be of no interest to most of you, but there's been quite a buzz in some Christian communities reacting to Christopher Hitchens' and Richard Dawkins' so-called "new Atheism."
Dawkins' wrote a book called The God Delusion, in which, according to the review I'm about to refer you to:
There is no doubt in Dawkins's mind that the evils of the world are to be laid at the doorstep of the church, mosque, and synagogue, and that science must be our salvation.

While I was lurking around the blog world, one of my favorite pastimes, I found this link to a review of The God Delusion written by our very own Marilynne Robinson.

My attention was caught by the author's name and I was interested to read some non-fiction by her, so I dove right in.


I was blown away by her incredible, amazing, humble intellect and vocabulary (!). I could barely keep up. This girl is one smart cookie that I would not want to get in an argument with--even if I were an Oxford professor like Mr. Hitchens.

She totally owns him.

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