August 12, 2008

The Winds of Change

Although I'm sure many of you assumed I attended to this matter long ago, you're wrong.
This morning I officially changed my name on my driver's license. According to the state and national government, I am a Greer.
Lately it's seemed every time I've told someone my last name it has sparked a conversation like this:

Stranger: Greer?
Me: Yes.
Stranger: As in g-r-e-e-r?
Me: Mm hmm.
Stranger: And relation to _____ Greer?
Me: Um...nope.
Stranger: Oh. Well I just know a _____ Greer from _____.
Me: Huh, small world!

So there's one change for you.

The other change is that I have a new job! Huzzah!

I'll be working at the international headquarters of Armstrong Mcall, an enormous cosmetic/beauty supply distribution company. Sounds fancy, eh? I'm so excited to be getting into this industry, even at an entry level position.
Unlike where I am now, there's is room to grow. And I have a greater interest in cosmetics and beauty than I do in banking. Blah.
Plus I totally get the hook-up with high-end beauty products.
I'm feeling pretty good about it.

I have more to say but it is SO incredibly unrelated that I'm going to be posting it in another entry.
That's just how I roll.


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  1. So cool! I'm thankful that you will be putting your gifts to better use.