October 15, 2008

Money Order

I'm going to be blatantly honest here. Perhaps shocking. I may lose friends over this, but so help me...it has to be said.

What does "so help me" even mean? Yet another one of those phrases I use all the time, not having any idea what I'm saying. It sounds good though.

Back to this terrifying revelation:
I'm not good at budgeting.

That's too kind.

I stink at budgeting.

Still, no.

I really, really stink at budgeting.

I can just picture it, my mother is hiding her face with shame. And my dad is nodding, You think we didn't know that?!

Daniel and I are in the midst of trying to find a house to rent, and with the new job and some other financial changes in our lives, we are having to reasses the budget...that really never existed. Sure, we set aside money for savings and such. But this is different.
And it's hard.
It's the Baileys' fault. Josh is a Math Education major and is quite the math whiz. Daniel was over at the Baileys' one night and saw Amy sorting through some receipts. He asked Josh about their budgeting habits and next thing you know we have this nifty spreadsheet that we have to fill out. It gives us some freedom--an allowance, in other words. But it's much more organized than anything we've ever done.

I know, most of you are wondering, how in the world did it take them so long to figure this out?
All I can say is...we are learning. Already it has been great for us, but it isn't easy!

What I'm most concerned about is finding a place to live that I actually like (no vinyl flooring, no way Jose!), that is convenient for our lives and work (less $ spent on gas!), and of course: something we can afford.

Hopefully we find that place soon!!!

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  1. yeah, my parents always go budgeting stuff, or at least try. sounds horrible to me.