October 16, 2008


Fall is in the air. Can you believe summer is over? What a relief for us hot and sweaty people over here in Tejas.
That deliciously cool crisp is in the air this morning; even the smells are changing. Daniel and I rise long before the sun these days. Often when I arrive at work the sun hasn't yet peaked over the horizon...is that depressing? Let's talk about something else.
It's been rather rainy and gloomy here for the past several days--a symptom, I think, of some hurricane/disturbance in some ocean off of some coast. Yeah, I like to keep up with current events.
This morning the sky looked turbulent. You know when the clouds are dark and bubbly, with a few wisps of white here and there? Daniel and I had a good view of downtown from where we were driving, and the clouds were lying so low that the lights of downtown were illuminating the clouds. It looked pretty amazing. And to think, if I wasn't driving to work at 6:45 in the morning I wouldn't have seen that...no, I'd be cuddled in my warm bed, completely unconscious to the outside world...what a shame...

Word of the day (don't get excited, I won't be doing this every day):
ebullient - having or showing liveliness and enthusiasm

Use it in a sentence:
I pretend to be ebullient at least 6 times a day.

I really like that word. I like the way it sounds...but when I read it, my mind says: "e-bulletin."
Does that mean I'm dyslexic?

I didn't watch the debates last night, and I'm proud of it. In fact, when I flipped through the channels last night, if I landed on one showing the debate I would yell "NO" and change the channel promptly. Instead I watched Seinfeld and the season finale of Project Runway.
Kenley didn't win, and I was disappointed.

My office is about 2-3 miles from ABIA (the airport), and I watch planes take off and fly in everyday. Right now I'm watching a Southwest Airlines plane and thinking: tomorrow that will be me!
I've travelled alone several times in my life. The first time was a flight to Phoenix to visit the Carys. The second time was a flight to Dallas to visit my cousin Lindsey. Since then I've even travelled overseas alone. I've been blessed to never have any trouble.
But still, I get nervous travelling alone every time.
There's something scary and unpredictable about a giant piece of machinery flying thousands of feet over the earth...I just don't really feel all that safe, even with the oxygen masks and inflatable seat cushions. And security, flight times, mentally unstable fellow passengers, and worst of all: people who actually need to use the barf bag. These things are utterly out of my control...and if I weren't cool, level-headed and mature, I might freak out a little bit.
But no, I'm that girl sitting one seat over by the window who sits quietly, hopes you, a stranger, will not speak to her for the duration of the flight, and reads a book the entire time.
That's just who I am. We're all about honesty here.

This time around I'm embarking on an entirely new adventure: I'm renting a car.
Now I'm wringing my hands about getting to the right rental kiosk, hoping a car will actually be reserved (remember Seinfeld??), and praying, pleading that the car was not driven by a smoker ever. When I think about it, I know that everything will be fine if the car isn't available. I can call Gloria, or someone to come rescue me, and all will be well.
So why worry?
As Daniel will tell you, for some sick, disturbing reason I like to stress myself out about things. I think I get it from my dad--but don't tell him I told you that. However, there is a difference. His is a composed, reserved sort of disappontment with the current situation. Mine is a freaking out, sitting in the corner, sucking on my hair, full-blown paranoia. But no worries.

And now, lets put this rambling, mess of an entry to rest.


  1. Hi Karen, this is Ashleigh, Christi's friend. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. Of course, I've only been reading it for the past 20 minutes, but I really like how you write and the subtle humor it brings to a VERY boring Friday afternoon. :)

  2. karen. i busted out laughing several times while reading this post. i promptly felt extremely silly for doing so... me and my cats are the only ones in here and here i sit... laughing. ...i think the cat thing makes it worse. haha, oh well! you are funny and I WILL LAUGH! ok... enough

    ps i LOVE being up before the sun (too bad i never do because i go to sleep so late most days.) and seeing it rise. what a glorious thing to witness. MAN