July 22, 2009

Holy Cannolli!

Ohhhh myyyy.
I'm on this whole healthy eating thing.

I just want to say--it is difficult to live with someone who doesn't have to eat healthy. While Daniel is enjoying his chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream I'm trying to control my sugar cravings with a glass of skim milk (which actually works, surprisingly). I'm not a total stickler. Usually on the weekends I'll allow myself to a few treats or a drink or two. But I'm determined to live a healthy life. For the children.

I've never been a huge fan of vegetables, but I have actually found some fun recipes. For example: two nights ago I sliced some green and yellow squash length-wise (a julienne slice), spread it on a cookie sheet, sprinkled a bit of salt and pepper on it, and stuck it in the oven for a few minutes at 300. It was a hit! Daniel and our guests ate every last one of them.

Baked squash fries?

Tonight I'm having a couple of girls over to bake and decorate some cupcakes. We are having a little farewell party for one of our co-workers who is moving away. Hopefully I'll be able to manage the temptation of cake and frosting that I will have before me. But...I have to taste-test everything right??

In other news: there was a solar eclipse in Hong Kong yesterday! There are a few people on Flickr that posted photos. Neat.


  1. I'm trying to eat healthy as well. It helps that my husband is with me on this because I'm not sure I could do it alone...