December 13, 2009

Image Issues.

Last month we learned some terrible news.

Fletcher is overweight.

Two pounds overweight. And when you weigh a total of ten pounds, that's never easy to hear.
I think he looks like he's crying here?
He can't even look at the camera. "Please try to get a slimming angle..."
We're trying to keep him on some sort of diet. He's got some joint issues in his back legs that keep him from being as active as he might normally be. So he just gets kind of chubby. Daniel and I have started calling him, "The Goat" because he sort of resembles one. He's got a chubby, stubby body and his legs are skinny, and he's just...goat-like.
And this, this is my baby:

Oh, Kingsley.
I try not to show favoritism. I love both of my puppies.

But will you just look at that face?!

Poor, poor Fletcher.

By the way. This is where all the magic happens:

You may notice that the drawers have no handles. And you would be correct in that assessment.
I don't complain, though. Daniel found me a desk for $5.00 on Craiglist, painted it the same color as my Anthropologie card, and I am a happy camper.


  1. I never realized that Fletcher and I had so much in common - 25% of our bodies is fat, lower back troubles, inactivity (all three related). Does he also like to read?

  2. you've updated so much!! I love it. I like to read your writing.

    I LOVE your desk too. How do you open the drawers, though??

  3. It's not without difficulty. You have to put your hand under the bottom drawer and push it out, and so on. The drawer fixtures are actually sitting inside one of the drawers...