January 12, 2010

Don't Go Away...

I have not fallen off the face of the blog-earth. It's been a busy weekend. I'll definitely be updating you on the interesting things I did this weekend. With pictures as well. That will be edited using...wait for it...

Photoshop CS4

Best Christmas present ever.
Thanks, Daniel. Love you long time.

Speaking of Christmas presents, I am on the edge of my seat right now. One of my customers sent me a gift card to Anthropologie for Christmas (my all-time, most favoritest store in the world). No harm done. But I called the number to get the balance of the card last night and...$100. What?!
I started thinking about it, and thought, Is it possible, that by accepting this gift I'm violating some company code of ethics?
So I went to my boss and told her, Despite how much it pains me, I'd rather give up this gift than get fired. So here's what happened...
She said she thinks it might be okay, but she's making an "anonymous inquiry" with the powers that be to be absolutely sure I'm not violating any policy.
So there's $100 of Anthropologie money burning a hole in my pocket...my heart...my mind...
And I can't touch it.

The true purpose of this entry is to tell you that there is more to come. And it will blow your mind.

Just, hang on.

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