January 7, 2010

Random Thursday

I am currently completely addicted to the following websites:

Cardigan Empire.
Fashion Style Etiquette Cardigan Empire
Reachel Bagley, stylist, is responsible for this wonderful blog! She's got me digging "shopping" through my closet, finding old gems and throwing out stuff that is completely unacceptable (you'd be surprised). I also appreciate that she demonstrates style for all shapes - and emphasizes modesty. She's even linked websites on her page that are online clothing stores designed specifically for the modest shopper.
Also, I love that she loves and appreciates the beauty of being feminine. It's fun to be a girl :)
She also pointed me to this website:


Shade Clothing

Modest is hottest, ladies. Make no mistake - for all our sakes.

I spend altogether way, way too much time on this website:

I have wish lists. With lots of things on them that I can't afford.


Furthermore. I would like to ask something.

Is this legal??

(I would like to add that his daddy titled this picture, "Manipulation")

I love the facial expression! Ha ha.


And lastly...
It is very cold in Austin. It's in the 30s but it is blustery outside, causing it to feel like the low 20s.
I prayed for a snow day, but it's very dry. No moisture here.

Last night Daniel and I wrapped up in a blanket (like a bug in a rug), laid on our bed and talked and laughed about our day. It was heaven on earth. I don't mind the cold so much.

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