March 24, 2010

Can we talk?

I have a million things on my mind today. So I decided I would blog and just hope that whatever I write comes out making some sort of sense.

But since when has that ever been the status quo around these parts?

I can answer that. Never.

Did you know I used to have a tan?

Yeah, well. Not anymore.

Also, my obsession with Simon & Garfunkel has blossomed into a long term relationship that no one understands. I'm listening to Cecilia as we speak. I I write.

In addition, I've been wistful lately. And when I say that, I mean I've been missing several people that used to be major in my life, but have fallen into minor places. I also mean full of longing or desire tinged with melancholy. Yes, I looked up the word wistful. Leave me alone.
No! Stay.
Anyway. These people have become "minor" not because I wanted them to, but because the courses of our lives have created distance. A little over a year ago it was not uncommon to find Daniel and I spending hours and hours and hours with our friends Jordan and Bianca. Despite the fact that they were busy with Jordan in law school and work, Bianca raising two young children, pregnant with their third, etc. they still opened their hearts and home to us constantly. They showed us what true hospitality looks like, and were there for us during many ups and downs.
Sometimes I would go over to their house after work and spend the evening by Bianca's side. Together we cooked dinner, bathed the kids, read them a bedtime story, and all the while I soaked in Bianca's wisdom and sweet spirit. She talked to me about her struggles when she was newlywed and shared with me the joys of working at a relationship. I loved sitting at her kitchen island, cutting up tomatoes and onions, and talking for hours. As a young newlywed, I was a volatile, dangerous, confused creature. I needed guidance often and she was someone I respected, who I could be honest with, and who was (most importantly) blatantly honest with me.
Even when I needed to hear that I was being unfair, silly, or just plain crazy. And she taught me a lot about respecting my husband.

What's that? you say, YOU? Disrespectful? Alas, underneath this delicate, sweet exterior lies a dormant brash, obstinate, impudent, sometimes militant witch that seeks to cut me off at every turn. She's a sly creature. Though, she knows how to charm Daniel. They've been old friends these many years. You know, like Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bennet's nerves.

And I wasn't the only one who felt this way about them. I was always amazed at how easily they welcomed people into their family and made them feel loved.
They haven't changed. But when Jordan graduated from law school, opportunity moved them to Houston. And there they are. And here we are. And I miss them. There's a little Jordan and Bianca shaped hole in my heart.

The other friend I miss is Christi.
Christi, my dear, darling friend, I know you've been having fun in Las Vegas. And I don't think you read my blog anymore (since you've abandoned yours and I wish you would blog again!!). But I haven't seen you in a trillion years and I miss you. I will call you when my phone is not dead. I want to know the details of your life. Nitty gritty included.

Penultimately, I would like to express my anger about the fact that today is Wednesday.
People walk around saying "hump day" and "half way there!" and all day I've been thinking it was Thursday.
Not cool. I would be very happy if tomorrow were Friday. But I would also be stressed because I have so. much. laundry. to. do. And I need to vacuum. And I really need to grocery shop. And I could really use a workout.
Want to come over and be my slave? Without pay? You can do all my work and then we can sip wine in my clean, well-stocked house.

As a final note, I would like you to comment on this post. Tell me something random and entertaining. Or three things very dull indeed. Name that movie.

But that would imply you were still here, reading this, and I have my doubts about that.


  1. I'm studying Matthew 10:16 - 25 for women's Bible study tomorrow. I am leading it and Jana will translate. I'm being comforted (?) to learn that Christ sends out missionaries/disciplers as sheep among wolves. That we are weak is not due to Jesus' miscalculation but to his deliberate plan!

  2. I was thinking the other day about the week and how folks base everything around the weekend. I don't think about my week this way. Getting to Saturday is all to easy for me.


  3. keep up the great blogging.