June 25, 2010

a familiar silhouette

On Wednesday evening, just as the sun was setting, I was driving along Guadalupe with my two teen brothers in tow. Around the intersection of 28th and Guadalupe, just past The Drag, and just as I was starting to feel super old due the the fact that I was belting out Nelly Furtado's I'm Like a Bird and the boys were like, who sings this? I've never heard this song before, even though it was totally popular when I was in high school, right at that moment something caught my eye.
A familiar silhouette was painted on the side of a building.
I smiled, pointed, and exclaimed:
Look! It's Audrey!

To which Ethan responded, Who is that?

To which I responded, SAY WHA?!

At which point Kristian chimed in, Ethan, she's an actress. Or something.

I stared bleakly out the windshield.

Yes. An actress.

They were quiet for a moment.
And then they started talking about the World Cup or something.


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  1. For the record, it is Kristian who didn't know who Audrey is by name, I was the one telling them.