June 28, 2010

Mom, I have a new appreciation for you.

Last night I said farewell to my sweet brothers yet again.

I was taxi-driver for the evening--first to youth group, then to Sonic, then to their friends' house where they'll be staying for a few days.

Even though the goodbyes are only for a short time (for now), I still get a lump in my throat and a tiny wave of sadness and anxiety hits me.
So, last night as I pulled up to their friends' house and they jumped out the car, laden with their duffle bags and various belongings, I started to feel all sentimental. I watched them walk down the driveway in the evening sun, telling myself to keep it together, when one of my brothers suddenly turned and ran back to the car.

He opened the door and leaned down.

Hey, Karen?

Yeah? I smiled.

Can you do my laundry when you get home? I left it in a pile in the corner of my room.


See ya!
And off he went.

Brother, your laundry is in the washing machine right now. When I get home I will dry it, and fold it, and it will be waiting for you on your bed.
I love you and I was sad when I went home to a quiet, more empty house. Please come back soon.
Thanks for cleaning the bathroom. It's very clean.

Mom. I appreciate you. I appreciate you more every day. Thanks for being amazing. And loving me. And doing my laundry.

I'm off to get another coffee on my lunch break. Because it's Monday. And because I love coffee.


  1. Mom is crying and is thankful for every piece of laundry she got to do for you, my dear.